6 Herbs That Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

6 Herbs That Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

Cumin seeds are a galactagogue that helps to produce milk by boosting levels of riboflavin within the body. A teaspoon of cumin seeds taken twice a day can be very beneficial. In addition to boosting milk production, cumin seeds can aid digestion and provide iron. The flavor of these seeds works particularly well with Mediterranean and Indian dishes.

Like garlic, ginger also encourages babies to nurse harder and stimulate the milk ducts. It also improves blood flow, ensuring that nutrients are carried to the milk ducts and transferred to milk. The benefits of garlic can be received either by steeping the root to make a tea or grating it up and seasoning a meal with it.

Traditional medication has used alfalfa to lower blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol while helping to maintain water balances. It is also full of antioxidants and vitamins that can be used to create nourishing milk. When nursing mothers eat this plant, it therefore results in an increased supply of milk. Both the sprouts of alfalfa and supplements that contain alfalfa have been effective at increasing breast milk. However, it is important to avoid alfalfa before childbirth, because it can cause uterine contractions.

Almost all traditional medical remedies and scientific research studies agree that fenugreek is the best way to stimulate milk production. It helps to boost milk supplies because it has high levels of certain hormones that stimulate mammary glands and help them to increase milk production. Studies recommend that mothers take at least 3500 mg per day to notice an increase in milk supply within just 24 hours.

There are many ways to add these herbs and foods to your diet, and they are generally safe for both you and your child. However, it is important to note that anyone may have an allergy to one of these items, so taking them may have adverse effects if you or your child is allergic to one of the foods. Talk to your doctor about the best methods for adding foods to your diet to increase breast milk production.