Are You Treated the Way You Deserve In Your Relationship? – 8 Ways to Check

Are You Treated the Way You Deserve In Your Relationship? – 8 Ways to Check

Relationships are diverse and complicated, and the many ways that partners express their love is as well. This makes it hard to recognize potentially unhealthy patterns in relational affairs. Whether you have reliable friends and family that will communicate hazardous signs to you or not, there are some things to watch out for on your own that can keep you from being hurt in a relationship. Below are eight ways that you can check to make sure you are being treated in a healthy way in your relationship and make sure you are treating your partner fairly as well.

Treated the Way You Deserve

1. You’re comfortable having a life outside the relationship

If you feel restricted by the one you love, to the extent that you fear going out and being with friends or attending events that interest you, it may be a sign that your relationship is unhealthy. You should be confident and comfortable doing things on your own and outside of the relationship.

2. You’re attracted to your partner more than just physically

If you find that your attraction to your partner is just skin deep, you might be in a relationship that doesn’t support your personality or desires. When we are in relationships for more than physical reasons, we are able to embrace our mental creativity and recognize deeper similarities, like ideals or politics.

3. Talking through things is encouraged

Being with a person that hates the idea of having a “talk” means that voicing frustrations, disappointments, or concerns is unwanted. You’ll want a partner that seeks to understand you in all areas, even the ones that might mean an uncomfortable change.

4. The focus is on what is right

Being with a “Debbie Downer” is a serious downer for many reasons. A healthy relationship focuses on the things in life that are going well, and looks optimistically to the future. It might be a bad sign if your partner can’t acknowledge the good in life and others.

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