Study Says: After THIS Age You’ll Become More Adventurous in Bed

Study Says: After THIS Age You’ll Become More Adventurous in Bed

Other experts insist that closeness becomes more enjoyable as people age may be due to an increased self-confidence. Older women and men simply know what they enjoy when it comes to closeness with their partner. They are also more self-assured and do not feel self-conscious about the way that they look. They may also be more open to trying new things when it comes to the act of love.

A study from Health Plus Magazine uncovered the fact that women past the age of 45 admit to enjoying closeness more than they had in their 20s. In fact, 89 percent of women over the age of 45 stated that they were now more adventurous. The study even found that women over the age of 79 stated that they were very satisfied with their partners.

UK researcer David Lee says that the belief that closeness is for younger people is a myth. Not only are there biological factors at stake, but psychological factors make this a reality as well. Mentally, older women and men are often more confident than they were in their 20s. It can be assumed that the best way to enjoy the act of love is to be physically and mentally fit.

Whether it be biological, psychological, or a combination of both, the fact is that older women and men tend to enjoy the act of love more than they did when they were young. Closeness does not appear to belong to any one age more than others, and older people seem to be enjoying themselves when being close with thier partners.

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