Her Dandruff Disappears After She Sprays THIS on Her Hair…WOW, It’s So Easy!

Her Dandruff Disappears After She Sprays THIS on Her Hair…WOW, It’s So Easy!

Apple cider vinegar is a great multipurpose product; from cleaning the house to losing weight, it seems to work for everything. It is not difficult to come by, and you probably have a bottle hiding in your cabinet right now. In this particular video, we will learn how to remedy dandruff and add shine to your hair.

Her Dandruff Disappears After She Sprays THIS in Her Hair...WOW, It's So Easy!

All you need to do for dandruff relief is apply the apple cider vinegar to your scalp with a spray bottle, and leave on for around thirty minutes. Place a shower cap on your head to keep from dripping all over the place. You can do this anywhere from twice a week to once a month, depending on the severity of the dandruff. Make sure to rinse your hair well after the treatment, as vinegar does not have the most pleasant scent. Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, which is great for deep cleaning your hair and scalp, plus its’ anti-inflammatory properties help calm down any swelling caused by scratching.


Apple cider vinegar is a fantastic alternative to harsh chemicals that can leave your scalp dry and tender. It is also quite cost effective, especially compared to dandruff shampoos. Be sure to watch out for excessive drying or persistent open sore in your scalp, as those may require treatment from a healthcare professional.

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