Men Revealed 3 Biggest Things That RUIN Their Desire in Bed

Men Revealed 3 Biggest Things That RUIN Their Desire in Bed

However, they want to know you think they look good. Offer up a compliment. It’s important to apply that same concept to lovemaking and desirability. When a man always initiates closeness, it becomes a turn-off. He wants to know that you want him just as bad as he wants you. Start by sending a sensual text message or two while he’s at work. Let him know what he’s coming home to. Once he gets home, make sure you approach him and initiate the party. You don’t need to do it all the time, but make sure you try and initiate things at least 40-50% of the time.

2. Partner’s Desirability Doubt
There are times when a woman may not feel like her usual exotic self. There are many situations in life that can contribute to those feelings. Going through a tough pregnancy and having a baby will do a number on the body. Weight gain and/or hormonal changes in a woman’s body can play a major part as well. No matter what the feeling is, try to push past it and remember that you are beautiful. Do things that make you feel beautiful in your skin. Whether it means you need to get a new hair style, throw on some makeup, get your nails done, or start going to the gym, do something to boost your desirability as a woman. This is important because it is a major turn-off for a guy to sleep with a woman who has lost confidence in who she is and her beauty as a woman. Remember that you’re a beautiful woman who’s ready to get close with your man. Because of that alone, your man has won the jackpot.

3. Performance Anxiety
Not only is a real feeling at school, on stage or inside the workplace, performance anxiety tries to creep up in the bedroom. If you are a woman who is overly concerned with performance anxiety, sit down and talk about it with your man. Be honest about what bothers you and what you’re unsure of. After that, be open to working together and trying new things to help you become more confident in your performance. Don’t cut yourself off and refrain from performing because of fear. Push past the fear. There’s an amazing intimate life waiting to be discovered!

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