Things That Strong Women Can’t Tolerate in Relationship

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. While it may be lots of fun and romance in the beginning, in order to keep the spark going, both parties must put in a significant amount of work. Relationships truly aren’t for the faint of heart. Yet, even with this knowledge, there are some deal breakers for each relationship. Based on the personalities of the individuals within the relationship, there will be differences of opinion regarding what qualifies as a deal breaker. However, there are seven universal offenses no woman should tolerate from a man. Some of the offenses might lead to multiple visits to see a counselor. Other offenses might easily lead to the end of the relationship. Either way, every woman should look at this list and decide what’s best on a personal level.

Things That Strong Women Can't Tolerate in Relationship

1. Physical Abuse
There is no logical reason why two adults should ever feel okay with putting their hands on one another in violence. The physical build of a man versus the physical build of a woman are totally different and lead to a naturally unfair fight. A man with deep anger issues is to be avoided. Let him work out those issues before he enters a relationship because conflict will come up. It’s important to know that when conflict arises, a man won’t resort to physical violence as a solution.

2. Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse is an intense and awful experience. In many cases, many women believe emotional abuse is actually more difficult to handle than physical abuse. Emotional abuse involves how a man speaks to you and how he mistreats you. Does he call you degrading names or speak to you with a lack of respect? Does he embarrass you in front of other people or even other family members like the children? If so, it’s not a reflection of you as a woman. It’s a direct reflection of him as an insecure man. Never tolerate emotional abuse because words can cut deeply and mess with your psyche for the rest of your life.

3. Cheating
Even on a biblical level, cheating is never okay. Many men will claim that it’s unrealistic to expect a man to remain faithful to one woman. Another common excuse men give when they want to cheat involves the claim that it’s just sex and it’s not an emotional exchange. When a man is okay with being unfaithful and hurting you, run.

4. Lack of Communication
It is a documented fact that women speak thousands of words more than men do on a daily basis. Even with taking that into consideration, a lack of communication is major for women.

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