5 Ways to Keep Rocking Under Sheets After Having a Baby

5 Ways to Keep Rocking Under Sheets After Having a Baby

A new baby brings tremendous changes into the lives of its parents, but along with joy and laughter the arrival of a new member of the family often brings sleepless nights and exhaustion. Overwhelmed parents can often lose interest in their love life and in one another as all the focus gets centered on the new baby. Once the family has expanded it can also be a challenge for each partner to view one another in a new role as a mother or father, feel connected as a couple, and still feel the same kinds of attraction that existed before the baby’s arrival. Changes in hormone levels can also affect women in the few months after giving birth. Like any significant life change, it takes some thought and effort to transition successfully into a new family dynamic, but the arrival of a new bundle of joy does not mean that joy in the bedroom needs to grind to a halt. Here are five ways that partners can keep romance and excitement in the relationship after a baby joins the family.

Rocking Under Sheets After Having a Baby

1. Communicate Honestly
The number one barrier to a healthy love life is the feeling that both partners are drifting away from each other after the birth of a baby. As the family is consumed with chores and delights related to the baby, partners may communicate less with each other and feel a strain in their relationship. The first step in reclaiming a satisfying love life is to reconnect emotionally. If distance has grown, bring it up and talk openly about it. Being mindful and honest about the new strains on the family can bring both partners closer together and can restore a sense of emotional connection.

2. Take Care of Yourself
Parents can often find that their needs come second to the new baby, a natural response to the all consuming demands of parenthood. If both parents are perpetually tired and exhausted a romp in the bedroom will be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Make an effort to nap when the baby is napping or go to bed very early in order to feel more energetic when you both get into the bedroom. Cut out time with the television or surfing online in order to make more time for solid sleep and for some extra time in bed with your partner before sleep takes over.

3. Take Advantage of Naps
Parents can take advantage of naps to sneak in a few minutes to reclaim love and emotional intimacy. This could range from snuggling on the couch to a quick session in the bedroom. Parents need to accept that their love life may be significantly different from the pre-baby era, but a short an unexpected tryst in the afternoon can restore some excitement to the relationship as well as keep your love life active during this period.

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