5 Things You Should Definitely Ask For in Your Relationship

5 Things You Should Definitely Ask For in Your Relationship

Fifty years ago, relationships were pretty well defined and the needs of both parties involved were known. Typically, the husband worked and financially supported the family, while his wife kept up the house and took care of the children. Gender roles were strictly defined, not allowing for much fluency for either person. In recent years, those roles have become essentially nonexistent, opening doors for all people to aspire to their dreams and not be confined to a small box. However, with the shattering of gender roles in modern relationships, more and more people are finding their needs not being fulfilled by their significant others. Why? Because those needs are not being stated out loud. Here are five things you should definitely ask for in your relationship to ensure your needs are being met and your relationship grows.

Ask For in Your Relationship

1. Money. Before my husband and I got together, he had a pretty nasty divorce, which resulted in bankruptcy. His ex-wife was supposed to be in charge of paying bills, while he was the main source of income. Needless to say, she didn’t pay the bills and suddenly collectors were knocking as his door. He had no idea she hadn’t paid the mortgage in months because there was no transparency of their finances. Regardless which of if one or both parties in a relationship is the breadwinner, you both need to know where the finances stand. For better or worse.

2. Honesty. I’m using this as a blanket term that covers everything from monogamy to feelings. You need to be up front with your partner about all aspects of your life, including your individual life. Yeah, of course mystery is exciting but if that mystery is tangled with dishonesty, it will poison the relationship. You should feel comfortable being honest with your significant other and asking for their honesty.

3. Closeness! Ever heard the idiom that actions speak louder than words? Lovemaking is an important part of a romantic relationship, acting as the physical representation of the love you two share. Often, this deteriorates as the relationship goes on, with excuses being made. Too tired, too stressed, not in the mood. You need to be able to ask your partner for lovemaking, regardless if you are the one that normally initiates. Be adventurous, bring that spark back.

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