No Doubts, More Lovemaking Makes Relationship Better (Research)

No Doubts, More Lovemaking Makes Relationship Better (Research)

What makes for a good relationship? This question is asked over and over again and there isn’t one right or wrong answer. Relationships are complicated, and there are many different components that need to come together in order to create a happy, healthy, and lasting life together. Each couple’s story is different. However, we are all guilty of comparing our own relationship to others. We all know that obviously love, honesty, and loyalty are huge things to have in every relationship. Without these key components, couples would not last for very long. However, new research has shown that having more closeness and lovemaking makes for a better relationship. Researchers have found a correlation that the more often couples have closeness in their relationship, the more positive associations they had with their partner.

No Doubts, More Lovemaking Makes Relationship Better (Research)

What is lovemaking you ask? Well, there are different types. Emotional closeness is the feeling of emotional closeness and being connected with another person. It is the desire to share each other’s feelings and thoughts and being able to trust, care, and accept that person. There is also physical closeness which is sensual touching and is an act of expressing feelings through physical touch. There can be physical closeness without emotional.

Do you make love in your relationship? There are many factors that are involved in order to have a healthy, lovely relationship.

Being Comfortable With Yourself
Scientists suggest that knowing who you are as a person and being comfortable with yourself is the first step towards lovemaking. By knowing what you want and need from another person, you are more open to connecting and sharing your innermost feelings. Being comfortable with yourself allows for you to feel secure enough to share your emotions with others.

Trusting in Others
Having trust in your partner is crucial when it comes to horizontal tango. When there is trust in a relationship, partners will feel secure enough to share their thoughts and feelings and not be ridiculed, rejected, or manipulated. Research has shown that trust takes time to build and grow. Couples have to see that the other person has truly made an investment in the relationship before full trust can be established.

Being Honest
Honesty is such an important component of a relationships. In order to build closeness, you must first be open and honest with your partner. Being honest shows that you are open and putting your heart and feelings out there.

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