The 10 Hottest Jobs for Men That Impress Women Easily

The 10 Hottest Jobs for Men That Impress Women Easily

While any guy can be super attractive in his own right, some women fall for guys initially because of their jobs. You might be surprised to know that this phenomenon doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with money. Here are the top 10 hottest jobs a man can have.

Hottest Jobs for Men That Impress Women Easily

Number 10: Chef
Women love a man who can take care of them, and what better way to be taken care of them than to come home to a delicious gourmet meal? A chef may not bring home as much cash as many other professions, but the knowledge that a divine meal is a batted eyelash away, is more than enough to make men in this profession a hot commodity.

Number 9: Musician
Often times, the media portrays musicians as irresistible bad boys with deep souls. Between their talent and apparent sensitivity, musicians are among the most sought after men. Besides, women can’t resist being the inspiration to the next greatest love ballad. From rockers to concert pianists, women love a man with music in his soul.

Number 8:Teacher
According to a recent study on Tinder, male teachers are among the most desirable men. Women love intelligent men who are good with children. What better profession to find this combination than with a male teacher? Besides, with the current teaching shortage, teacher job security is fairly high.

Number 7: Medical Professional
From doctors to Nursing Assistants, medical professionals are highly skilled, intelligent, and often full of compassion. These qualities make medical professionals extremely attractive. Also, it doesn’t hurt that medical professionals are often involved in a constant struggle to save lives. Heroes are always desirable.

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