Right Way To Use Henna for Eyebrow Dye

Right Way To Use Henna for Eyebrow Dye

Henna is a wonderful product for temporary tattoos, as well as a natural hair dye. It coats the strand instead of penetrating it to leave ones’ mane soft, supple, and shiny without the harsh additives hair dye contains. Though, when some women dye their hair, chemically or otherwise, their eyebrows stand out as a sparse indication that they are not a natural redhead. For this reason, using henna to color eyebrows is a nifty trick to try out.

How to Dye Your Eyebrows Naturally

Supply List:
-Cuticle scissors
-Plastic spoon
-Small mixing bowl
-Petroleum jelly
-Thin brush or applicator

The first step in dying the brows with henna is to groom them. Using cuticle scissors, trim any wayward hairs like you would before plucking, then swab on some alcohol to ensure they are clean. Using a mild soap or face wash will do the trick, just be sure to keep away from the eye area.

Once prepped, mix the henna powder with water in a plastic bowl, creating a very thick paste. Do not use any metal as this could leave your brows green as some blogs will tell you! Hot water works best, but be sure it is not boiling. The henna mixture should have the constancy of a thick yogurt, without any dry lumps of powder. Let it set for about ten minutes, then give it one final stir before using.

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