4 Ways to Curb Your Jealousy

4 Ways to Curb Your Jealousy

Jealousy can often feel like a monster, rising up within and possessing the mind and spirit. Jealousy and other negative emotions are often overwhelming and can have a tremendously disruptive impact on mental state and behavior. There are many triggers for jealousy such as seeing a partner flirting with another man or woman, coveting a neighbor’s new car, or envying the glamorous life depicted by a celebrity on reality television.

Your Jealousy

However there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to beat back the green eyed monster and better control jealous emotions. Learning to become more strategic in dealing with feelings of jealousy will result in greater calm and harmony in the mind and a more positive approach to the world and the people around you. Here are a four great methods to become more adept at dodging jealousy the next time it strikes:

Become !ntimate With Emotions Through Mindfulness
Modern life is often filled with distractions, stress and negative feelings. The first step to controlling jealousy is to become more aware of your overall emotions and how to better manage them. Take time to do a simple meditation for five to ten minutes when waking up or before sleep. Say “in” and “out” with each breath until you have achieved a feeling of awareness. As emotions and thoughts flow through your mind, allow negative emotions and feelings to dissipate naturally. Become aware that your emotions and your mind are separate and that you therefore have the power to simply let go of negative emotions like jealousy.

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