5 Mind Tricks to Tone Up Your Horizontal Tango

5 Mind Tricks to Tone Up Your Horizontal Tango

We all know that lovemaking is way more satisfying when our bodies feel toned and at their best. It makes us feel more confident and attractive which our partner really picks up on. But did you know that a few simple mental exercises can make your time in the bedroom hotter too? Read ahead to learn how to flex your mental muscles and enjoy more satisfaction under the sheets.

5 Mental Tricks to Tone Up Your Horizontal Tango

Set the Stage

Feeling like tonight might be the night? Help set up some mental fantasy with your partner way before you’re even together. Have a plan of attack and give them a sweet goodbye, then at about midday send them a text with just a hint of your plans. Something like “make sure you’re home on time, I have something for you.” An alluring photo will help to make sure they understand that tonight is the time for love.

Don’t Put Yourself Down

It’s an all too common habit to tell ourselves that we aren’t fit enough or beautiful enough. Yet your partner probably never thinks of you that way. Try treating yourself kindly and instead of letting that negative inner dialogue play out, replace it with positive self-affirmations. It might be hard at first to flip the switch by stopping the thoughts that scream “I’m not good enough,” and replacing them with “I am beautiful.” But the effect will make a huge difference on your confidence which you are your partner will notice. It will make your lovemaking so much more gratifying.

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