Find Out What Your Partner’s Favorite L0vemaking Position Says About Him

Find Out What Your Partner’s Favorite L0vemaking Position Says About Him

The position that your partner picks during physical closeness is not just based on what feels the best. It can actually reveal quite a bit about how his brain works. Psychological research has shown that there is a link between l0vemaking positions and certain personality types. If your partner regularly picks one of these positions, there might actually be an emotional or mental reason behind it.

Favorite Lovemaking Position

Mi$$ionary – This is the most basic of positions for physical closeness, so men who consistently choose this position may be somewhat unconfident because they consistently stick to a tried and true procedure. According to l0vemaking therapist Dr. Ava Cadell, this type of man enjoys missionary because is is reassuring to see his partner’s reactions to his movements. The intimacy of being face to face with his partner can help a shy man to feel more confident and connected to his lover.

Woman on Top – This type of man is focused on giving pleasure to his partner, and he is not afraid of seeming submissive. Therefore, he is typically confident and outspoken about what he wants, but he does not see the need to act conceited or overbearing. In this position, the woman is entirely in control of motion and speed, so physical closeness is all about her desires. Often, men enjoy this because they find enjoyment from their partner’s enjoyment. Though it is good that men who prefer this position love to give their partner pleasure, it is important to also take their own desires into account.

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