One Thing You Should Skip to Make Your Horizontal Tango Way Hotter

One Thing You Should Skip to Make Your Horizontal Tango Way Hotter

Everyone knows that one way to enjoy closeness between a man and a woman is to take it slow. Every expert will also agree that taking one’s time and enjoying each other is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship. Now new research is saying that another way to enjoy each other healthily is to have closeness quickly.


Quick but Fun

Quick !nt!mate sessions don’t always get such a warm welcome. They aren’t traditionally thought of as romantic. They are instead thought of as something lessor, just a tease. But this is far from true. They have their own charm.

A quick session can liven up a routine relationship. They don’t need any planning. All you need is a little desire and a little privacy. You and your mate don’t even need to remove clothing! Nor does a quickie need to be just one type of touch. It can be just your hands, just a mouth or even just frantic touching and groping.

A Wild and Crazy Time

Think of your regular love-making life as a white tie gala. Each step and movement is well scripted and well thought out. Everyone involved knows the moves. They have probably danced those same steps more than once. It’s routine. It is also beautiful and enjoyable, a feast for the senses. But it’s not what you’d call wild.

Now think of a dance club. The dancers gyrate and move as they please. The costumes are crazy, the music is crazy and thumping. No one knows just what they will be doing in five minutes, let alone all night. It is definitely wild. You won’t go there every night. It would be too much. Dropping in once in a while gets your blood pumping in a way a gala never will.

Quick sessions are like that club scene. It’s wild and crazy, but so much fun. Interjecting that rush into your relationship can be just the thing for a more fulfilling love life.

No Planning Needed!

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