15 Warning Signs That Show Up Too Late in Relationship

15 Warning Signs That Show Up Too Late in Relationship

12. He’s a Wimp

Does he avoid issues or stating how he feels at all costs? This isn’t keeping the peace; this is letting emotions fester beneath the surface, a place where they are only bound to reemerge later in a much uglier form. Don’t take the silence as taking the higher road. He’s just too much of a coward to confront issues head on, and this will show through in other ways too.

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13. He Has Cheated

It should go without saying, but if you find out a man was with other women before you two were official, you shouldn’t think twice about cutting him loose. He may stress that you two “weren’t official” at the time, but if you’d been going out for over a month or two and he made it seem very obvious that you were the only woman for him then, he’s not really sorry. Just sorry he got caught.

14. You Lie for Him

Whether it’s to your mom or your friends, you tell people how great he is and how wonderful things are going, even when he’s actually been out of a job for weeks and crashing on your couch. A real man won’t want you to cover his slack. He’ll get out there and make things happen because seeing you proud of him makes him proud of himself.

15. You Never Feel First in His Life
If you have the sinking feeling that you’re never his first choice, you’re probably right. A man who is committed to you won’t play cat and mouse. You’ll never have to chase him down and wait around for the phone to ring or a date to be confirmed. DOn’t sell yourself short. Hold out for a man who makes an effort to be with and makes you feel like you’re special, because in his eyes, you truly are.

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