7 Ailments that Could be Treated by the Lemon, Salt, and Peper Trio

7 Ailments that Could be Treated by the Lemon, Salt, and Peper Trio

Habitually using lemon and lemon juice may help with asthma by adding Vitamin C to your diet. This vitamin boosts the immune system and might make it less susceptible to the factors that cause an asthma flare-up. Black pepper and cayenne pepper also contain antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Don’t forget to incorporate them into your meals.

Some recommend easing a toothache with a mixture of salt and pepper paste. The salt will draw out any fluids from swollen gums and the pepper can provide some pain relief. A little lemon peel grated and mixed in can help strengthen the gums and adds the support of Vitamin C, which can help the body fight off an infection. Just be careful about using lemon juice, as this is an acid that can wear away at tooth enamel.

Cold and Flu
When you mix in a little black pepper with your lemon and salt, you’ll get the benefits of the virus and bacteria fighting antioxidants and flavinoids it contains. Lemon backs it up with punch of Vitamin C. Both the black pepper and salt help break up some of the mucus in the throat. Of course, these three ingredients can ease the other symptoms of a cold or flu, such as nausea, sore throat, sinus issues, or just feeling blue because of it.

When you are dealing with the blues, these basic ingredients may help out too. Depression is associated with low sodium levels and low potassium. Lemons are rich in potassium. Easing up on your low salt diet may also help and you could consider incorporating natural sea salt or Himalayan salt, which don’t have the added chemicals of processed table salt. Black pepper contains piperine, which stimulates the nervous system and may ease depression.

Salt, pepper, and lemon are three very common ingredients you can keep stocked in the kitchen. Incorporate these items into your meals, and reach for them the next time you experience any of these symptoms.

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