She Wakes Up Covered in Bruises – the Reason Is THIS Rare Disease

She Wakes Up Covered in Bruises – the Reason Is THIS Rare Disease

Since Thea Wilson thought that she was a perfectly healthy 37 year old, she was shocked when she woke up one morning covered in bruises. Her arms, legs, and torso were all covered in bruises that were several inches wide, and the bruises were a deep purplish green shade. When she rushed to get medical advice, the doctors were confused too. At first, they thought she had a platelet disorder, but a bone marrow biopsy revealed that Thea had an incredibly rare form of cancer.

She Wakes Up Covered in Bruises and Learns That She Has THIS Rare Disease

Wilson was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukaemia, a cancer in the bone marrow, which is normally responsible for making healthy blood cells. This rare type of cancer only affects about 100 people each year, and it causes immature white blood cells, which are called promyelocytes, to collect within the bone marrow. This makes it impossible for the body to create mature white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells that are necessary for countless daily functions. Without the platelets that stop bleeding and form blood clots, Wilson was in danger of bleeding to death just from falling over, and her massive bruises came from very small bumps that had happened while dancing the night before.

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It was definitely scary for Wilson to wake up covered in bruises and get diagnosed with cancer, and she was told that “I had aggressive leukaemia, I was a medical emergency, and my hair was going to fall out.” Fortunately, she was able to get medical care in time. She was promptly started on a course of chemotherapy, and she was given vitamin A supplements and a large amounts of donated platelets to help her blood function again. During her treatment, nurses were impressed by her positive outlook, and in less than six months, Wilson had entered remission.

Wilson wanted to give back to The Shropshire Blood Fund Trust, the charitable organization that had saved her life with emergency platelet donations. As soon as she was recovered, she started running again, and she plans to enter the Race For Life to raise fundraising for the blood unit. This woman’s incredibly positive outlook on life kept her from becoming discouraged while fighting cancer, and she is helping to raise awareness for this unusual form of cancer.

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