7 Things You Should Never Do Before Making Love

7 Things You Should Never Do Before Making Love

It doesn’t matter how smooth you think you are in the bedroom, everyone is capable of making a mistake that can potentially weaken — if not completely kill — the moment, both before and after. In fact, studies show that between two love partners, there is a good chance one of them is guilty of at least one of the gaffes on our list.

7 Things You Should Never Do Before Making Love

Take a look at our seven pre-love making glitches which can disrupt any session, even briefly. The more of them you’re capable of, the more likely you’re capable of diminishing what should be a great roll in the hay.

7-Stay away from antihistamines if you’re expecting to get busy. In order to relieve nasal congestion, these products dry out mucus membranes. Unfortunately, they can also dry out other critical parts of the body. That’s right, that part. And no matter how much you want to, the one part that needs to go along may not. Sufficient lube might help, but it may not.

6-A little drinky poo can send certain waves to the brain that stimulate arousal. But alcohol is more of a depressant and is more likely to diminish sensation or it just might put you in a deep sleep before the action gets started. A study at the University of Missouri-St. Louis showed both men and women who indulge in light drinking beforehand experienced difficulty enjoying the moment, let alone achieving orgasm.

5-While brushing your teeth before jumping in the sack is a courteous gesture, don’t use an electric toothbrush or alcohol-based mouthwash. Studies have shown spinning bristles will create minuscule tears in the gums. Alcohol in mouthwashes can dry out and irritate mucosa. Both these conditions enhance the possibility of STDs.

4-Women who like to manage their hedges should try to get it done at least the night before a romp. Shaving exfoliates the skin’s top layer making it and hair follicles highly sensitive. There can be rashes and tiny cuts, all conditions leaving you vulnerable to infections like HPV and herpes. If you do shave, the skin needs time to heal. It’s better to use a multi-blade so that you get closer shaves in less swipes. To manage inflammation, use a thin layer of one percent hydrocortisone cream. To be on the safe side, reapply a second layer within 12 hours in case of any irritation.

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