Extreme Tiredness and Itchy Skin May Mean You Have THIS Serious Liver Disorder

Extreme Tiredness and Itchy Skin May Mean You Have THIS Serious Liver Disorder

Bone softening and fractures are other symptoms of late-stage PCB. A patient with PCB may also develop kidney stones or gallstones. Bilirubin levels can be checked at the office of a healthcare professional once the disease is diagnosed. Elevated bilirubin levels are a grave indication that the disease is progressing into the later stages.

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Visual signs of primary biliary cirrhosis include fluid build-up in the stomach or ankles. A person who has had the disease for some time may also notice unexplained darkening of the skin. Fatty deposits around the eye area are also indicators of PCB.

Risk Factors

It is hard for researchers to pinpoint concrete risk factors for this disease. It has been noted that PBC is common within immediate family. Also, nine out of every ten people with this disease are women. Most patients with PBC are diagnosed between the ages of thirty-five and sixty. Prevalence of PCB is higher in the United Kingdom than in most other parts of the world. Most researchers believe that PBC is caused by an abnormal immune system reaction to an infection. However, some epidemiologic studies have possibly linked the disease to cigarette smoking, nail polish, and hormone replacement therapy. it is important to note that primary biliary cirrhosis has not been linked with consumption of alcohol. In fact, some groups wish for a change in the name of the disease to reduce the stigma associate with alcohol consumption.


Primary biliary cirrhosis is a mysterious disease. Doctors, scientists, and researchers cannot pinpoint a surefire cause for the disease though women appear to be more at risk of developing PCB. Fatigue and extreme itchiness are the first symptoms of PCB. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may wish to contact your doctor for more information about primary biliary cirrhosis.

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