Watch What Happens When You Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House!

Watch What Happens When You Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House!

Bay leaves have been used for centuries as a sedative and an anti-inflammatory medication. These leaves have been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate when ingested. Additionally, many cultures believe that bay leaves have magical properties. Smudging is A Native American tradition that uses the smoke from bay leaves to purify a room. Some believe that bay leaves can help a wish come true as well. It is believed that if you write a wish on the back of a bay leaf, the wish will come true.

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In this video, Kammy Leih explains that once a bay leaf wish has come true, it must be burned on the last Thursday of November to thank them for their magic. Kammy shows us how to set up a cauldron using a candle, quick-burning charcoal, and bay leaves.

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