5 Signs You’re With the Right Person to Marry

5 Signs You’re With the Right Person to Marry

They are Balanced

Not in the literal sense, but rather in the emotional and mental paradigms of life. A balanced partner has a life beyond the marriage. This is not to say that marriage should be subordinated to work or friends, but rather coexist to a healthy degree. They have a good relationship with family members, friends, and coworkers. They find time to do the things that interest them, whether it’s knitting or fishing. Having these external elements occupy some time from your married life allow partners to absorb other information and get opinions besides that of their spouse’s. Being emotionally and socially balanced is an indication that your date is not insecure and is driven by the right ideals and culture.

They Can Match Your Kind of Weird and Crazy

While being emotionally mature is a quality you’d want your partner to have, being occasionally weird and crazy are also good qualities that balance a relationship and keep it refreshing. Given that it’s the right amount of weird and crazy, if your date is not afraid to be who he/she really is around you, then they are definitely a keeper. These people are also altruistically balanced. They are humble but confident at the same time. They also exhibit the level of resilience critical to ride life’s highs and lows without losing sight of the end goal.

These 5 signs shouldn’t be used as the Holy Grail of matchmaking, but is definitely something worth considering with someone you are dating. They can help you decide whether or not it’s time to take it to the next level. Being married is a huge commitment that will affect an equally huge part of your life. Be sure you’re making the right decision before popping the question or saying “I do”.

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