When is The BEST Time for Announcing Your Pregnancy?

Deciding when and how to share big news is always tricky to figure out, but when the news involves a new addition to your family the decision gets exponentially more difficult. With so many factors involved and so much disparate advice out there, how does a couple decide when the best time is to share their news?

BEST Time for Announcing Your Pregnancy

The most well-known piece of advice floating around advises parents to wait until the end of the first trimester, or about 12 weeks, to announce that they are expecting. The main piece of conventional wisdom for this advice is that the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically after about 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, so it is thought that the new parents might want to wait to share their news until they are relatively sure they won’t lose the pregnancy. This is meant to spare the social awkwardness and disappointment for the larger community involved in the parents lives.

Another reason people may wait to tell others about their pregnancy until after the first trimester is that they want to delay the inevitable influx of (wanted or unwanted) advice and suggestions from family and friends. These intrusive recommendations can often stress out the parents-to-be, especially if it is their first child. They can also place a strain on existing relationships that make the entire pregnancy experience harder.

Yet another reason that someone might wait to announce a pregnancy is, unfortunately, concerns about employment and whether they will be able to keep their job after the news of the pregnancy is announced. This concern does hold more weight for women generally, as they are the individuals that will be absent the most from work with a pregnancy, but men could also face this anxiety. While it is illegal to fire an employee for being pregnant, many people fear that telling an employer too early in the pregnancy will results in loss of hours or duties at their job.

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