Use This Method to Cure Your Jealousy and Improve Your Love Life

Use This Method to Cure Your Jealousy and Improve Your Love Life

How can we counteract our jealousy? One theory is to surround ourselves with friends we can trust and who “lift us up.” There’s an old saying: “Those who lie with dogs are likely to get fleas.” So, if we are influenced by the company we keep, we should keep good company. Having relationships that are positively reciprocal, and remembering that our lover chose us because they want to be with us are steps in the right direction.

If the jealousy involves a loved one, a heart-to-heart talk is a great idea. Remind each other of why you got together in the first place. Be honest about your insecurities. Tell your lover what you admire about him or her. Ask him or her what they admire about you. Commit yourself to being your best self.

If you find yourself feeling jealous of someone’s success, take a breath. Find a pad of paper and write down things to be grateful for in your own life. These things could be as simple as clean water, your apartment or house, job, boyfriend or girlfriend, car. Taking a few moments to think of what’s going right in your own life can work wonders to combat jealousy. For long-term positive feelings, perhaps start a gratitude journal.

Remember: small steps and taking life one day at a time leads to big, positive changes in your life.

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