Life Changing Duvet Cover Trick to Make Your Life Easier…You Have To See This!

Stuffing a duvet inside of a duvet cover can be quite challenging. There is so much tugging and pulling that it often feels like a workout, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a much better alternative that will save you time and energy. Thankfully, Stephanie Sisco, the associate editor for Real Simple Magazine, stopped by the Meredith Vieira Show to teach everyone a better way.

Life Changing Duvet Cover Trick to Make Your Life Easier...You Have To See This!

She calls this trick “The Burrito Method”, and it is unbelievably easy! Stephanie Sisco starts by turning the duvet cover inside out and laying it on the bed underneath the duvet. The cover’s opening is at the opposite end. Then she ties the duvet to its cover. Once the two are attached, she just rolls the duvet and cover like a sleeping bag until it resembles one big burrito. Then, she inverts the duvet cover and stuffs the roll inside. Next, she zips the duvet cover up, and she unrolls her burrito.

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Much to Meredith Vieira’s amazement, the duvet is now perfectly stuffed inside of its cover! All that is left is to give the duvet a little fluff, and then it is ready to be used on those chilly evenings.

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