13 Things You Need To Know About Prenups Before Saying “I DO”

13 Things You Need To Know About Prenups Before Saying “I DO”

• No one has a crystal ball that can see into the future. What may seem like small and insignificant compromises during the romantic period leading up to marriage could become overwhelming problems after the marriage ceremony.

• A spouse who is a low or no-income earner during the marriage could find it impossible to maintain their lifestyle after a divorce. If the prenup spells out a spousal support payment far below the amount needed to sustain that lifestyle, there is little recourse but to lower your standard of living expectations.

• Too often parties in the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship agree to terms that are not in his or her best interests because they’re “too much in love” to question the terms of the prenup.

Consulting a Family Law Attorney

Many couple entering into marriage find the idea of a prenuptial agreement to be confusing, trust-threatening or unnecessary. A good lawyer can go over the pros and cons listed above and explain the state laws that have jurisdiction over the coming marriage. Anyone entering into a marriage today would do well to consult an attorney and have them spell out the rights of both parties.

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