10 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

10 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

3.) Women don’t need you to meet their every need.

Women have a number of friends they can call for “girl talk”, they have a “safe” man on tap when they need a date and you are not available and they have a massage therapist or beautician for when they need some  physical touch and you are out of town. They willingly and gladly accept what you have to offer, but know what they can expect from you and what they need to go looking for elsewhere.

4.) Women respond easily to bids for connection

Noted relationship expert John Gottman purports that all relationships involve “bids for connection.” Bids can be responded to in three ways: by turning towards, away from or against. Girls will punish by giving the silent treatment, women will turn towards bids even during a heated argument as a means of maintaining a connection.

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5.) A woman knows who she is and doesn’t need your validation

Girls will quickly learn to walk, talk, act, think and dress however their boyfriend wants them to – and then can’t figure out why their boyfriend dumps them for someone who is nothing like what they became for him. A woman knows who she is and stays true to who she is, no matter what.

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