Lose Weight Before Getting Out Of Bed With These Yoga Moves!

Lose Weight Before Getting Out Of Bed With These Yoga Moves!

In this video from the how to lose weight on YouTube channel, model turned yoga instructor Tara Stiles shows us how to prepare for the day and work out our bodies before we even get out of bed! Stretching before you get out of bed increases blood flow, prevents muscle and joint injury, and prevents stiffness and soreness.

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Tara shows us how to move from gentle stretches while lying in bed, then leads us in a 30-second meditation before sitting on the side of her bed for more stretches. The mindfulness of the movements gives you great focus, and the entire process takes less than five minutes. These yoga moves are sure to put you in a great mood no matter when you wake up, and the calm feeling you’ll get from doing them is sure to help you through your entire day!

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