Try Out The Zero-Gear Workout And Feel Attractive At Any Clothes

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you know that exercise should be an essential part of your routine. But more and more research is showing that working out can boost other aspects of your health as well. In fact, a new study in the journal Circulation found that exercise, even without weight loss, may lower death risk. This is why you should definitely try out one of the hottest fitness trends of 2016 – The Zero-Gear Workout!

Crossover-leg Push-up

The Zero-Gear Workout

While in plank position, move right leg under the left and lower chest to the floor while bending elbows. Complete ten reps each side.

Side-plank Leg Lift

Zero-Gear Workout

Start in a side-plank and raise top leg then lower slowly. Complete 15 reps each side.

Dip Kick

Gear Workout

Sit with knees bent and hands flat on the ground behind you. Straighten arms until posterior is off of the floor, then kick right leg and lift left hand. Complete ten reps each side.

Corkscrew Kick-through


Begin on hands and knees. Lift knees, keeping your weight on your toes and hands. Keep right hand on the floor. Twist hips, lift left hand, and lift right leg. Complete 10 reps each side.

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Push-pull Superman


Lie stomach down, then raise chest, arms, and calves off of the floor. Raise arms in front, then pull back by bending elbows toward your hips. Complete ten reps.

Low rocking lunge


Begin with a squat then step forward with right foot into a lunge. Complete twelve reps each side.

Remember to do these moves slowly. Jerky motions lead to injury.

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