Top 10 Promises Men Make To Their Future Wives Without Realizing It

Top 10 Promises Men Make To Their Future Wives Without Realizing It 

Relationships can be incredibly complicated if both people involved are not on the same page. Often, women are certain they are ready for marriage well ahead of the men they love. This can cause strain on the relationship because many women believe that if their significant other does not show signs of being interested in taking the relationship to the next step, it is because he is just taking advantage. This is not always the case, but there are definite ways to tell if your man is marriage minded. The following 10 items are things men generally discuss with women they intend to marry. If you have been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, and these topics have never come up, it might be time to ask your man outright – Are we ever going to get married?

Top 10 Promises Men Make To Their Future Wives Without Realizing It

Top 10 Promises Men Make to their Future Wives without Realizing it:

1.) Exclusivity – Easily the top sign that your man has marriage on the mind, and a definite must. If he is unwilling to be exclusive, there is a good chance he’s just not ready to grow up and be a husband. Better to know now, rather than after the fact. Some men will give into pressure and simply marry women their families approve of, but won’t stop going out and meeting others. Don’t even think about marrying a man who won’t make you his one and only.

2.) You’ll have children – Men only discuss children with women they can see as the mother of their own. If your man discusses plans for schools, names, or other important factors that come with having children, he definitely wants you to be his wife. There may simply be other factors preventing him from popping the question.

3.) Building a home together – Asking for your input on a future home means that your man intends to have you in his life for a long time. He might not be so obvious about the subject, bringing up topics like decorating, or even features of a home he’d like to own someday. Nevertheless, these discussions are reserved for women with whom men plan to build a life with.

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