15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

11. How many guys have you dated before me?
Guys really want to know the answer to this question as long as the answer is, “I never dated anyone before you!” Your guy is dying to know the truth buy way too terrified your answer will be 50.

12. Why are you super cranky sometimes?
Your guy really wants to know if your cranky or hormonal. Yet asking this question would surely result in a major blow-up.

13. Do you ever flirt with other guys?
Your guy definitely flirts with other girls, so you probably flirt with other guys, right? On the other hand, your guy definitely doesn’t want to know this because all he’ll be able to think about is you flirting with his favorite barista.

14. How do I compare to other guys?
Your guy definitely wants to know if he’s your favorite. Yet your guy is definitely afraid that if you ran into the ex who dumped you two years ago, you’d dump your guy in a hot minute.

15. Why are you interested in me?
Your guy wants to know what you like about him, but he’s definitely afraid that the answer will be something lame like, “because he always takes out the trash.”

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