Refresh Your Skin With This French DIY Beauty Mask

Refresh Your Skin With This French DIY Beauty Mask

Age is no stranger. And as we get older, our skin does too. The quality of skin can become sallow, wrinkled, thin, and discolored with age, but this doesn’t have to always be the case. There are steps that everyone can take to prevent excessive aging of the skin by using all natural products. Below is a recipe for a face skin mask that is made up entirely of all natural remedies!


The recipe is made up of four main ingredients. Mix together the following thoroughly:

1 tablespoon French green clay (available from a health food store or online)
1 teaspoon coconut flour (you can also use oat flour, almond flour, corn flour, etc.)
1 organic egg yolk
3 teaspoons filtered water, spring water, or aloe vera juice

These ingredients provide phenomenal benefits on for the skin. French green clay is an amazing, all natural powder made up of unique minerals, such as silica, copper, zinc, and calcium. The clay helps the skin in four vital ways. It detoxes the skin by attaching itself to any toxins and bringing them with it when it’s rinsed away. Its grainy composition gently exfoliates dead skin and tightens the surface. It cleans the skin by unclogging pores, and, finally, it heals any damaged skin.

Coconut flour is gentle on sensitive skin and compliments the French green clay by acting as a fellow exfoliator. The coconut flour is made from the flesh of the coconut and contains beneficial minerals and antioxidants beneficial to health. Though you could also use a different type of coarse flour, coconut offers unparalleled benefits.

Eggs have long been an underrated home treatment for the skin. Eggs are rich in protein and albumin, which both help tone the skin and prevent wrinkles. By tightening large pores, eggs helps those with any oil prone areas prevent a greasy appearance. Because they tighten the skin, the overall result can end in skin that appears to have been lifted.

The water is added to bring the entire mixture together. The kind of water you use is up to you, but if you choose to use aloe vera juice you’ll experience the additional benefits that come from aloe. Aloe is a great healer and greatly soothes irritated skin.

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