If You Have Aches And Pains You Can’t Explain – THIS Could Be The Reason

If You Have Aches And Pains You Can’t Explain – THIS Could Be The Reason

Have you ever gotten the feeling that events in your life have all happened to you once before? Have you ever walked down an unfamiliar street – only to feel that you’ve walked down that street many times before? Many people with these experiences are actually experiencing a past life. They believe that when we die, we reincarnate into a new life that helps our souls learn new and exciting lessons. Find out if you’ve experienced a past life through one of these methods.

If You Have Aches And Pains You Can't Explain - THIS Could Be The Reason

1. Recurring Dreams or Nightmares
Many people who have lived past lives have recurring dreams and nightmares. While dreams can simply be your mind’s way of processing daily information, recurring dreams can be evidence of a past life. If you constantly have dreams that you’re hit by a train, you might have actually been hit by a train in a past life. These dreams can be extremely emotionally driven experiences that have followed you from one life to the next. They can also be important lessons. If you weren’t able to overcome your inability to communicate effectively in a past life, you could have dreams where you are unable to speak or convey emotions.

2. Constant Déjà Vu
Déjà vu can also be a sign of a past life. If you “feel” like you’ve experienced an event before, you might have experienced something like this in a past life. Perhaps you’re walking down the street and you see a red car driving down the street toward you. The driver of the car doesn’t see you on the street and swerves at the last minute to avoid hitting you. You can’t shake the feeling that this has all happened before. Have you ever heard the saying that history repeats itself? Time is cyclical, so events that have happened in the past can repeat themselves throughout every life. Your déjà vu is simply remembering a similar event of a past life.

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