She Left Her Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal Out For 6 Years. See The Before – After Photos

Fast food restaurants may have some healthy options, but most people end up getting hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and fries when they get fast food at a restaurant like McDonald’s. The fatty, high-calorie content is often mentioned when people talk about how unhealthy fast food is, but the chemicals added into the foods can be just as bad. One woman posted a picture on Facebook that shows just how horrifying a chicken McNuggets Happy Meal looks after it was unrefrigerated for six years.

For 6 Years

The pictures posted by Jennifer Lovdahl show a Happy Meal with the receipt attached to prove that it is from 2010. Though they look slightly less than fresh, the chicken nuggets and fries are virtually unchanged. According to Lovdahl, the Happy Meal does not smell odd, and it is not rotten or moldy after accidentally left in her office for six years. Lovdahl works at Balanced Care Chiropractic, and the old McDonald’s meal was left in the office as an experiment to see if the Happy Meal would decompose like real food.

fast food

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are deep fried patties of chicken meat and other additives, and they are formed into four uniform shapes. In order to make a chicken nugget, chicken meat, skin, and occasionally bits of bone are ground up into a uniform texture. The product is then mixed with sodium phosphates, starch, dextrose, citric acid, autolyzed yeast extract, safflower oil, and some flavoring. It is coated in a batter and partially fried, and then the frozen chicken nuggets are shipped to McDonald’s restaurants where they are fried again.

A laboratory analysis of chicken nuggets by Dr Richard deShazo discovered that actual chicken meat is not the main component in chicken nuggets. Instead, fat was the main ingredient, and bone and nerve tissue were also found within the nugget. This means that chicken nuggets are mostly just providing calories and fat. Chicken nuggets may be advertised as if they are chicken, but Dr. deShazo concludes that chicken nuggets are “a poor source of protein and are high in fat,” and they contain “limited nutritional value.”

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