The 6 Most Helpful Exercises For Your Healthy Spine 

In the human body, the spine supports the entire upper body’s weight. The spinal column includes 26 bones of different sizes and structures. A healthy spine not only plays an important role in an adult body, but it also helps in proper movement by allowing the adequate flexibility while walking. The spine also protects the soft and sensitive spinal cord. Prolonged sedentary positions can affect the condition of a healthy spine and may result in back pain and other spine issues.


The strength of the spine depends on the strength of the abdominal muscles and back muscles. Exercises that involve the glute muscles and abdominal muscles strengthen the spine eventually. Here are six best and easy exercises that you can perform at home to get rid of back pain and to have a healthy spine.

Exercise-1: Upright Leg Stretch

Upright Leg Stretch

Start this exercise by lying on your back. Now bend your left leg at your knee and stretch the right leg into the air. Grasp the folded leg with both the hands behind your knee and calf area. Pull the leg gently towards your head. Repeat the same position by altering the legs each time. Try holding this stretch each time for at least 20 seconds and repeat it for 3-4 times for each leg.

Exercise-2: Knee Tuck and Pull

Knee Tuck and Pull

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