5 Over The Counter Pills You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

5 Over The Counter Pills You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

What happens when someone gets sick? Often, they head straight to the doctor or pharmacist for a pill to solve their problems. Yet many pills can often lead to more harm than help. Find out what your medication has been doing to your body and natural remedies that can offer natural relief.


Multi-Symptom Products

What They Do:
Multi-symptom products, like cold medicine cough medicine and pre-menstrual medicines, can ease the pain of many symptoms. They tackle several issues at once and often relieve pain and uncomfortable symptoms fast. They are most often taken on their own without the use of other drugs.

Why They Are Harmful:
Many of these medicines are often taken to relieve two or more symptoms; yet, many patients do not show the signs of more than one symptom when taking these medications. They can also lead to overdose since more than one type of medicine or pain reliever is used in each dose. These side effects are extremely dangerous for children.

What to Buy Instead:
Opt for all-natural cough medicines and fever reducers. Tukol D and Hyland’s are both options that are more natural alternatives. Just make sure to consult your doctor before combining one or more type of natural remedy as many remedies can interact with each other and lead to other side effects.


What They Do:
Most NSAIDs are used for anti-inflammatory purposes and pain relief. Some of these drugs, like aspirin, can also prevent blood clots. Most people use these drugs for headache, muscle or cramp relief. They can also be used for migraines or to treat more severe pain.

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