Whole Food Nutrients Nourish A Woman’s Body For Optimal Performance

Whole Food Nutrients Nourish A Woman’s Body For Optimal Performance

It’s no secret that as times change, a woman’s life only gets busier. Women take on many roles including the mother, the caregiver, the chore provider, the after school teacher, the counselor, etc. All of these roles are piled on top of demanding careers. With everyday hustle and bustle, a healthy and energetic body is the key to getting through the day, which is where these vitamins come into play.

Woman's Body

While it was previously believed that supplements were the best option for adequate levels of nutrients, the latest research supports that is it best to get your vitamin intake by eating whole foods from regularly prepared meals. This is due to research showing little health benefits from supplements and increasingly better benefits of a healthy diet. For millions of years, our bodies have relied on food to thrive. Supplements lack the components of natural food sources, therefore, actually depriving our body of the nutrients it really needs.


Vitamin A – Retinol

A sufficient intake of vitamin A is necessary for vision, especially night vision. It also helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes and helps protect your body against infections as it boosts the immune system. For pregnant women, this nutrient is necessary for the proper development of an embryo.

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