Pasteurized Dairy Consumption Linked To Bone Fractures (Study)

Pasteurized Dairy Consumption Linked To Bone Fractures (Study)

For decades, doctors, nutritionists, and government nutrition guidelines have urged people of all ages to consume plenty of dairies, particularly cow’s milk, at least, three glasses per day. Their rationale is that it is a rich source of calcium, and will, therefore, support bone health. However, more recently, a significant number of scientific studies have been reporting that consumption of dairy does not offer any protection against bone fractures, and in fact, it seems to increase the risk of bone fractures and death.

Dairy Destroys Your Bones

Milk Consumption Linked to Bone Fractures

A report published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2014 summarized two large (more than 100,000 participants) cohort studies that measured the amount of milk habitually consumed daily and then followed the participants for 20 years. Participants who drank three or more glasses of milk daily had a much higher mortality rate than participants who drank one or fewer glasses of milk daily. Milk consumption was not protective against hip fractures, and, in fact, consumption of three or more glasses of milk per day increased the risk of fractures in women, but not in men. Two meta-analyses (6 studies, 195,000 participants, and 6 studies, 39,563 participants) have confirmed the finding that dairy consumption is not protective against fractures.

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