If Your Mole Placed On One Of These 7 Body Parts – You Have Very Interesting Personality Quirks

If Your Mole Placed On One Of These 7 Body Parts – You Have Very Interesting Personality Quirks

Moles are small dark specks and spots that form on the skin of a person. It is an ancient Chinese belief that you can read a person’s personality and character traits by where their body shows its moles. Some even believe that the body’s moles can predict future misfortune and luck.

The Temple Mole


In Chinese belief the part of the face called the temple is known for predicting travel or migration. A mole on the temple points to a prediction for travel or even for moving to a far off land. A person with a temple mole may be happy seeking out a job that lets them travel abroad regularly. If travel cannot happen, the person may work with lots of information. Good mole placement indicates that positive news or goods will come from travel. A poor mole placement can lead to misfortune and bad foreign business dealings.

The Eyebrow Mole


This is believed to be the location for career predictions as well as artistic ability and luck. A solid career choice will result in great wealth and happiness for a person with an eyebrow mole. If the mole is within the eyebrow itself, the person has artistic ability that can lead to fame and fortune. A person with an eyebrow mole in the center of the face can be a force in their community. If the mole is well placed, it points to a leader of the community. If it is poorly placed then the person may suffer setbacks before the age of 30.

The Mole Between Three Features

eyebrow mole

A mole placed between three facial features, or the ‘home sector’, points to a jack of all trades. This is a person who is versatile and able to gain skill and fame in many fields. A person with this mole will need to be careful to keep family harmony. They may suffer from grief and unhappiness from argumentative tendencies with relatives and close friends. If the mole is well placed than the person will do well in business. Poorly placed moles point to family troubles affecting the career.

The Upper Lip Mole

The Upper Lip Mole
This is the mole of the lifelong flirt. Easy loving and a large family will lead to great happiness. The upper lip mole tells of a person who can expect to lead a nearly charmed life. They will have no lack of fine clothing and good food. Nor will they have a lack of friends. Their charm and genuine personality will keep all around them happy. If well placed the person will also stay down to earth and well-balanced. A poorly placed mole might point to excess.

The Cheekbone Mole

The Cheekbone Mole

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