20 Signs You Take Your Relationship More Seriously Than Your Partner

16. They Disregard Your Concerns

If you bring up worries about your future or the state of your relationship and they tell you it’s nothing, you’re being a worrywart or to stop overanalyzing, chances are they just don’t care enough about what’s bothering you to get to the bottom of it.

17. You Don’t Feel Fully Comfortable Around Them

If you’re choosing your words, rehearsing conversations in your head and not able to fully let loose and be 100 percent you, then you aren’t with someone who is as accepting of you as they should be.

18. You’re Always Sad When They’re Gone

Because you know that when you’re apart, they won’t be calling, texting or reaching out the way you wish they would, or even show the sort of affection that they might when you two are together.

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19. You’ve broken Up

If things ended the first time because they weren’t fully committed or were even unfaithful, things probably won’t be any different a second time around, no matter what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

20. You Believe They Don’t Care About You

When it comes to something as intimate as love, you have to trust your gut. Your brain may not want to accept reality, but if your heart is telling you that someone isn’t giving you their all and making you feel loved with the same intensity that you love them, it’s probably time to let go and find the happiness you deserve.

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