20 Signs You Take Your Relationship More Seriously Than Your Partner

5. You’ve Never Met Their Friends

Our friends reflect us, and when you’ve found someone who you consider to be a serious part of your life, you want them to meet the people who you consider the closest. Not introducing you to their friends leaves you excluded and points to a deeper problem.

6. You Haven’t Met Their Family

The family are even more important than friends, and when a relationship truly matters to someone and they envision a future, they’ll want you to be a part of the home they already have established. Failure to reach this point usually means that they don’t see you as one of their own.

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7. Your Family Warns You About Them

There can be plenty of cases in which parents or relatives are overprotective, but most of the time, others can see what we can’t. If your family hints or flat out tells you that your partner doesn’t seem fully committed, it’s time to do some introspection and evaluate the relationship.

8. They’re Forgetful

It doesn’t matter how busy they are. No one who truly cares about you will forget your birthday, anniversary or other important events.

9. They Make Excuses

A lack of accountability and excuses made to keep the peace are used in place of honesty when someone doesn’t care enough to actually communicate.

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