5 Easy Moves To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home

5 Easy Moves To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home

If you are about to watch this video, you have decided to get rid of the fluff that collects around the hips. The area is so accurately nicknamed “The Muffin Top”. These 5 body-weight exercises are extremely effective in targeting that area.

5 Easy Moves To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home

The Muffin Top can be caused by any number of reasons, but usually, it is caused by either a hormone imbalance, insulin intolerance, or simply unhealthy eating habits. Combining healthy eating habits with these moves will not only maximize your success and speed up your fat loss but can also aid in correcting any chemical imbalances in your body that may be contributing to the collection of extra weight.

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A good place to begin fighting off the dreaded muffin top is to do these body-weight moves a few times a week and add healthy food to your everyday diet. You should consider adding fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats (such as avocado and olive oil), and naturally low-fat proteins such as turkey, chicken, and tuna to your diet. Determination and consistency are the keys to success!

Armed with these body-weight exercises and determination, you can banish that pesky Muffin Top forever!

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