Find Out Your Ideal Weight According To Your Body Shape, Height And Age

Find Out Your Ideal Weight According To Your Body Shape, Height And Age

What is my ideal weight? This is a question a lot of people ask themselves; few people have an idea of it. What does ideal weight mean? It does not have a direct definition, but the weight is defined as maximally healthful of a person based mainly on height. Ideal weight is determined by a number of factors that include age, gender, height and degree of muscular development.


Ideal body weight has been a subject of discussion for many years so many theories, and formulas have been brought forward and tested. Everyone has a unique body weight. The most effective way, however, of determining it is by the use of a calculator.

The calculator method is an estimate because it cannot differentiate the difference between muscle and fat mass. It takes into account Height in both foot and inches, body type that are small, medium or large and finally gender.

It can be used mostly by people who are still growing. To get the exact results you can get your exact body fat percentage figures from your gym.


It changes with the following factors body shape, Age and Height. We look at each factor individually.

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There are three body shapes:

Ectomorph this is a type that lacks fat or muscle tissue

Mesomorph this is a type that has well-developed muscles

Endomorph this is a type that has a large amount of body fat.

Ideal body weight, therefore, can be determined by first knowing your body type.


These two factors are inter-twinned because looking at age alone, it is expected that man in his early twenties should weigh more than a teenage boy. This, however, does not hold because the two have different height.

The weight of a person leans more towards their height, therefore.

Weight of a person increases with their increase in height.

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