Unusual Signs Of Stroke In Women You Didn’t Know About

Unusual Signs Of Stroke In Women You Didn’t Know About 

Both men and women can suffer from a stroke. When one does occur, the results can range from having almost no symptoms to causing a fatality. Women may have some unusual symptoms caused by a stroke, and women may not recognize them as being caused by it.

Unusual Signs Of Stroke In Women You Didn't Know About

A Transient Ischemic Attack – A Warning

One type of event that often looks like a stroke at first is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA). A TIA is similar to a stroke in that it involves a stoppage of the blood flow in the brain, but only for a short time. The symptoms will be like that of a stroke, but they will only last for less than 24 hours; and the National Institutes of Health site says that they usually last only one or two hours.

While a TIA is not going to cause any lasting problems, they are a warning that a stroke is about to occur. Two things that people with a TIA need to be aware of is that Stroke.org indicates that as many as 40 percent of people with a TIA will actually have a stroke, and that almost half of all strokes occur within just a couple of days after having a TIA.

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Symptoms of Stroke or TIA

Because both a stroke and a TIA are caused by the blockage of the flow of blood in the brain, the symptoms are going to be the same. The difference is that, in a TIA, the symptoms are not going to last long. The symptoms that will occur suddenly are:

• Changes in vision
• Trouble speaking
• Confusion
• Trouble understanding even simple statements
• Problems with balance or walking
• Numbness or weakness
• Inability to move limbs or facial muscles – especially on one side

When women have a stroke, there may be some different kinds of symptoms. Instead of some of the above symptoms, WomensHealth.gov reports that they may experience:

• Shortness of breath
• Pressure in the chest, or pain
• Rapid or irregular heartbeat
• Sudden hiccups
• Sudden nausea
• Sudden tiredness

Women at Risk of Stroke

It is important to know who is at risk of having a stroke. While men are more likely to have a stroke at a younger age, women have a greater likelihood of dying from one. People with the following health conditions are at greater risk of having a stroke:

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