7 Early Signs of Grave’s Disease And How You Can Treat It Naturally

7 Early Signs of Grave’s Disease And How You Can Treat It Naturally

Graves’ disease affects the immune system to create excessive amounts of thyroid hormones. It can affect everyone, but it is typically found in women under the age of 40. Mayo Clinic states that the cause of Graves’ disease is still unknown as of 2015, but researchers are sure that the body creates an antibody in the thyroid gland that takes over normal production when a person has Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease is often related to hyperthyroidism, but hyperthyroidism can also occur in other instances.

Grave's Disease

Graves’ ophthalmopathy, a derivative of Graves’ disease that causes inflammation of tissue and muscles around the eyes, affects close to 30 percent of individuals with Graves’ disease. Graves’ dermopathy is a very rare condition related to Graves’ disease that causes carbohydrates to build up in the skin.


The seven early warning signs of Graves’ disease include:
– Thyroid gland enlargement
– Anxiety
– Irritability
– Reduced $ex drive or erectile dysfunction

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