Do You Have Letter “M” On Your Palm? – Congrats, You’re Very Special!

Do You Have Letter “M” On Your Palm? – Congrats, You’re Very Special!

Palmistry, sometimes called cheiromancy, may have originated in India as an offshoot of Hindu astrology. From there, the practice was carried over to China, Greece, Persia, northern Africa, and Europe. Though authorities attempted to suppress the practice of palmistry in western Europe, it experienced a resurgence during the 1800s as western occultists attempted to revive the art of telling a person’s future by reading the lines of their palm. One particularly good portent is the presence of a letter “M,” formed by the intersection of the life line, head line, heart line, and fate line.


The meaning of the “M” marking can vary slightly depending on the interpretation by the palmist conducting the reading. Overall, it’s considered a sign that the bearer is particularly intuitive and lucky. They make excellent business partners, are good at seeing through deception, and attract good fortune and abundant wealth easily.

These characteristics seem to be particularly strong for women. Even when comparing a man and a woman side-by-side, both of whom have the “M,” the woman will generally be the most intuitive of the two. People with this sign generally excel in careers that require ambition, motivation and seeing through deception.

Among occult practitioners, the “M” sign is believed to mean more than just luck and intuition- people with it are said to have a particular facility for magic and the occult. Many ancient prophets and mystics are said to have had “Lucky M” signs.

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