Get Rid Of The Annoying Runny Nose With THIS Massage Technique

The base of a nose: Each of these points is located on your cheeks, about 3/4 inch from the side of each of your nostrils at the base of your nose. You can massage both of these points at the same time.

Massage Instructions

Start with either the point between the eyebrows or any of the other sets of points. Gently but somewhat firmly press on that area with your clean fingers. Move your fingers in a circular motion. Continue massaging for a minute or so. Move to the next set of points, and move through all of the points until you’ve massaged all of them. Repeat this entire facial massage sequence as needed.

In case, you experience any pain or tenderness, either massage more gently or discontinue massaging temporarily. These areas and points on your face can be sensitive to touch when your sinuses are irritated, so be gentle especially when first starting this type of massage.

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