See What Products Shailene Woodley Uses For Her Health And Beauty 

Actress Shailene Woodley believes in natural products when it comes to maintaining her good looks and health. Celebrities have access to the most expensive products and skin care experts on the planet, but Shailene demonstrates to Queen Latifah you can find your inner/outer beauty with simple, non-toxic DIY items.

See What Products Shailene Woodley Uses For Her Health And Beauty

Cherries, pomegranates and roasted beets make ideal lip stain colors you rub on, according to Shailene. She also adores mixing up a bottle of water and sea salt to spritz in hair for amazing, beachy texture. She adds lavender essential oil when she wants to kick it up.

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The actress buys inexpensive mason jars to store her homemade products in and to carry water around everywhere, instead of plastic water bottles containing chemicals. For fresh breath and clean teeth, Shailene mixes powdered clay, baking soda and coconut oil as instant, creamy toothpaste you can swallow to remove body impurities. Plus, she’s a firm believer in oil pulling with sesame oil to swish around in the mouth, removing stains and bacteria.

Shailene shows us mother earth rocks for intelligent health and beauty! These inexpensive tips really work wonders.

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