What Happens To Your Body When You Polish Your Nails

What Happens To Your Body When You Polish Your Nails

If you are like so many others who love to dabble with nail polish, you think nothing of experimenting with colors and designs on a weekly basis. You might consider it a part of your regular routine to go to the nail salon to let the professionals transform your fingers and your toes. One glance at the video below and you might think twice. What you are putting on your nails is actually being absorbed by your body.

What Happens To Your Body When You Polish Your Nails

The Trouble with Nail Polish

According to Live Science, when you dress yourself up with nail polish day by day, you’re not giving yourself a beauty. You’re actually letting a beast get into your body. Nail polish contains chemicals, regardless of what kind you choose. Get one good sniff of your favorite brand and it can make you dizzy. Something that strong can’t be good for you.

Most types of nail polish contain powerful ingredients that are toxic to your body. Formaldehyde, the chemical used to preserve your high school lab specimens, is a typical ingredient found in nail polish and it has been known to cause cancer. Toluene is another offender. It makes your nails shiny. It also keeps your car running as a component of gasoline. Triphenyl Phosphate makes your nail polish flexible and more durable.

It’s also a flame retardant. Apply it to your nails and it can have a negative impact on your reproductive system. Scientists recommend that young girls avoid the use of nail polish containing Triphenyl Phosphate because it is an endocrine disruptor that can interfere with the body’s natural production of hormones. You don’t want to put anything on your body that can get in the way of nature.

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Think Twice Before You Paint Your Nails

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