6 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know, But NOT Telling You About

6 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know, But NOT Telling You About

When it comes to the way men and women think, it’s no surprise our brains are inherently different. Men not only internalize thoughts and emotions, their brain chemistry is completely different than the chemistry of the female brain. Studies show that men may actually use more gray matter in their brain during thought processes than women do.

6 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know, But NOT Telling You About

So what does this all mean?

First, that women are better at language-based tasks while men are better at mathematical-style equations. It also means that men aren’t as keen as women to share every thought and feeling that pops into their heads.

Which means thousands of thoughts may be running through your husband’s brain every day that he’s not telling you.

1. Take charge in bed
For some reason, women are under the impression that the man wants to control everything that goes on in the bedroom. While women may feel anxious or scared to communicate their wants and needs in bed, men are equally scared. Though it may seem like the “manly” thing to let your husband take the reins after you turn out the lights, what he’s really thinking is, “I wish she’d tell me what she wants,” or, “I’d love my wife to take the lead.”

2. He appreciates all you do
Though he may not say thank you when you put the kids to bed for the third night in a row, you scrub the kitchen until it’s spotless or take the dog to the vet, he’s actually very appreciative of your sacrifices and efforts as a wife and mother. Not only do men avoid the need to vocalize every thought and emotion, they prefer gestures to show love instead. So the next time he offers that foot rub or to take your car to get your oil changed, he’s really saying, “I appreciate all you do.”

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